Finding The Right Supplements For You!

When choosing nutritional supplements, we believe that customers like you are the most satisfied when you are able to make informed decisions about the dietary choices that are best for you.

This is what we mean when we talk about providing the right products to the right people. We have put together this helpful buyer’s guide because we want you to make choices about your health that you will be satisfied with.

Helpful Tip #1 – Never put anything into your body that you are not 100% comfortable with

This goes for foods, medications and especially nutritional supplements, including ours. We understand that not everyone has confidence in their ability to understand issues and make decisions for themselves relating to health and nutrition. If this is the case we recommend that you find a Doctor that you trust (see tip # 4) and follow their advice.

If you (or the doctor that you trust) are unsure or uncomfortable about what a product or individual nutrient or any other substance is or does, DO NOT TAKE IT. Period, end of story.

Helpful Tip #2 – Do Your Own Research

There is an abundance of information available to you on the internet. We encourage you to seek out different perspectives, look at different products and read the research on different nutrients for yourself. This is why we provide links to (The National Institute of Health online database with more than 26 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals and online books) in our product ingredient pages and throughout other relevant areas of our site. This will go a long way in helping you make a great choice that you will be satisfied with. When in doubt, do not be afraid to ask your doctor if a nutritional supplement or nutrient might be right for you.

Helpful Tip #3 – Nutritional Supplements are not Miracle Cures

Nutritional Supplements are not intended to cure treat or prevent any disease. Nutritional Supplements are absolutely not intended to take the place of proven medical treatments.

Nutritional Supplements are natural products and there is a rich history of people across many different cultures using substances found in nature to improve their diet and benefit their health. Nutritional Supplements are meant to complement healthy lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise. We receive letters and emails every day from people just like you sharing their success stories using our nutritional supplements. That being said we fully recognize and acknowledge that this is anecdotal evidence and some people will have better results than others.

We possess a great passion for our products and more broadly we have a zest for diet, exercise and natural alternatives in general. We try not to let our passion and enthusiasm cross over into hype. We want you to understand that with nutritional supplements it’s best to use caution and understand that results may vary. This is why at Natawill Nutrition we back all of our products with a One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee

Helpful Tip #4 – When in Doubt, Consult Your Doctor

If you are unsure about any information you have read about or heard about regarding a formulation or nutrient, please consult your doctor for clarification. If you have any questions about how a formulation or nutrient may potentially interact with a medication that you may be taking or may affect you given a medical condition you may have, please consult with your doctor. We urge you not to rely on internet sources, nutritional supplement companies (including us), pharmaceutical companies, celebrity endorsers or anyone else who might have a financial incentive to influence your decision when it comes to answering questions about products you might be interested in buying or using. Your doctor is not trying to sell you a product. Your doctor is the only person who has examined you and knows your medical history and current medications.

The Bottom Line

Your doctor is the only person qualified to provide you with unbiased, professional medical advice.We hope that this helps and that knowing this information you will consider our line of Natawill Nutrition products to help you meet your health and fitness goals. If so, GREAT! We are truly thrilled and honored to have you as a customer! If not, well that’s fine too, so long as this information can help you find the right solution for you, whatever that may be.

Good luck and we wish you the best in health!

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